Potato Sticks

Potato Sticks

Our current family snack favorite is this quick to make potato sticks. All the recipe needs is potatoes and sauce to dip them in and munch away. These make great finger food for kids and can be packed as snacks while travelling. Ingredients 2 large potatoes oil salt pepper chaat powder (optional) Method Cut the potatoes […]

Chemba Puttu

Chemba Puttu

Chemba puttu is made with chemba puttu podi or brown rice flour. The puttu made in this style will be red brown and darker than the traditional puttu. I generally like the flavour of this puttu compared to the other one. It can be made along with Kadala curry for a quick, delicious and healthy […]

Breakfast Ideas for a Week

Breakfast Ideas for a Week

When I was new to cooking, one thing used to always worry me in the morning. The question “What to make for breakfast?“. But now, I have a standard menu of items I can rotate through for breakfast. So I have prepared a sample list of items which can be prepared for breakfast. You can […]

Egg and Toast Cup

Egg and Toast cup close up

So its time for breakfast again and you are tired of all the standard stuff you eat for breakfast. This egg and toast cup is a new twist on the eggs and toast which is delicious and it needs only 2 main ingredients and one oven. The best part of this recipe is that while it […]

Lemon Rice


Lemon rice takes me back to my childhood and long train journeys to Kerala. We would generally take a big container of lemon rice along with fish fry to eat on the train journey. Lemon rice is fresh and light and easy on the stomach. I generally take it nowadays in my lunch box as […]

Aloo Paratha – Step by Step Recipe

Aloo Paratha with Chutney

Aloo paratha is one of my husband’s favorite breakfast items. Aloo paratha is quick, simple to make and utterly delicious. I also pack them in lunch boxes as they are can be quickly made in the morning. Aloo paratha is basically paratha with potato filling. We have these parathas with curd, tomato sauce or coriander […]

Vegetable Stew


For our breakfast whenever there is appam there is stew. Usually it is mutton stew, but when mutton is not available then we make this delicious traditional Kerala vegetable stew. This is a very simple and quick dish to make.   Ingredients 1 cup thick coconut milk 1 cup thin coconut milk 1 chopped potato […]

Coconut Milk


Coconut milk is one of the most basic ingredients for most of the Kerala curry dishes and sweets. It is the liquid we extract from grated coconut. It is excellent for giving a thicker consistency to curries. Coconut milk can be made using freshly grated coconut or refrigerated grated coconut. Coconut milk powder is also […]



Poha or Kanda pohe is a traditional Maharashtrian breakfast dish which is one of my favourites. I still remember getting hot poha along with chai in my college canteen for breakfast on cold winter mornings and it used to be just perfect. My love for it continues and I make it from time to time.



Dosa is a fermented pancake made from rice and black lentil batter. It is a traditional breakfast item in South India. It is generally eaten along with chutney and sambar. My family loves dosas and generally we have it at least once a week for breakfast. It is simple and quick to make. The batter […]