Homemade Wine

This is a recipe which was given to me by an aunty known to us. My mom and me used to make this wine around Christmas time. It has been a long time since I have made it. It is time consuming but worth the effort.

Total time required – 1 month




  • 2 kg grapes (black seedless)
  • 3 litres boiled and cooled water
  • 2 kg sugar
  • 1/2 kg wheat
  • 30 gm yeast
  • white of an egg


Sterilise the jar by adding boiled water to it and keeping for 5 minutes.

Clean and dry the grapes. Clean the wheat. Keep the yeast in lukewarm water for 10 minutes.

Smash the grapes and put them in the jar.

Add 1 kg sugar, yeast, beaten egg white and wheat. Add the cooled water and mix throughly. Cover and seal the jar and keep in cool and dark place.

Stir the contents daily for two weeks. For stirring use a clean and dry long spoon each time. After stirring seal and keep the airtight jar in a cool and dark place. This is important, please do not forget to do this every day for 14 days.

On the 15th day, strain and keep aside.

Take 1/2 kg of sugar in 2 cups of water and melt over heat until golden brown.

Mix 1/2 kg of sugar and burnt sugar mixture into the strained mixture. Let it remain for another 2 weeks without stirring.

Then strain again and fill in sterilised bottles. Add more sugar for taste if needed.

[I will update with photos of the process the next time I make it.]



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