Baby Food Guidelines

General and the most basic baby food guideline is that no food other than breast milk or formula should be given to a baby below six months. But still if your doctor recommends giving your 5 month baby some solid food because of any reasons then go ahead.

Check the poop. As we know what goes in goes out. If after giving a new food, the baby’s stool is watery, mucousy or extremely loose then dont give that food for some time as this means that the baby’s intestinal tract is irritated.

Always wait for 2 – 3 days after introducing new food to check for allergic reactions. Allergic reactions could be the baby vomits several times, has diarrhea, develops a rash, or has swelling of the lips or eyes. Stop the feeding and call your baby’s doctor.

Always wash hands and use clean utensils while preparing food for the baby. You can pour boiling water over the utensils to sterilise them. Be careful not to burn yourself.

Always have some boiled water at hand to give the baby whenever required. I would always have a flask filled with hot boiled water.

One doctor recommended that while giving solids, give in the following pattern, 2 – 3 spoons of food followed by 1 spoon of water. Once babies become older they will indicate when they need water. Water is essential to prevent constipation.

If baby does not like a food, try again after a week. Don’t worry if they don’t like certain food. Try again in a few weeks. Be patient. Babies are finicky, they might absolutely love something one day and hate it the next day.

Try to get a small spoon for feeding babies then you can graduate them to bigger spoons once they are ready.

Always have the baby in an upright position, either sitting or slanted. Never give solids to a baby who is lying down. If your baby cannot sit well unsupported then hold him in a seated position sideways on your lap and feed him.


Once you baby starts sitting well, you can use high chairs or booster seats. I use this Booster Seat and it has served us good till now. Use bibs to protect the baby clothes.


It is always best to give freshly prepared food to the baby, but if you absolutely do no have time you can refrigerate the food for a day or two.

When in doubt please consult your paediatrician and always follow his/her guidelines in introducing food to your baby.

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