Fish names in English, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam

One thing I always seem to forget is the native name for a particular fish when I go to the market. So I came up with this guide for fish names in English, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam.

Some recipes using fish are Tangy Fish, Baked fish Almondine, Red fish curry. For more yummy recipes with fish, check out our fish category here.


Fish names in different Indian languages

Shark Shark
 Hindi Thatte
Tamil  Sura Meen,Sorrah
Malayalam  Sraavu,Choraku


Sardines Sardines
 Hindi Chareeaddee Machli,Pedvey
Tamil  Mathi Meen, Kavalai,Vellai suda, Neethu kavalai
Malayalam Mathi, Veloori,Chaala


Seabass Sea bass
Tamil  Koduvai Meen
Malayalam Kalanji


Shrimp, Prawn Prawns
Malayalam Chemeen


Red Snapper Red Snapper
 Hindi Rane


Seer Fish, King Fish King Fish
 Hindi Surmai
Tamil  Vanjaram, Neimeen, Nettaiyan Cheela
Malayalam Neymeen


Little Tunny Little Tunny
 Hindi Soorai


Anchovies Anchovies
 Hindi Kati
Tamil Nethili, Thogai meen,Nethail
Malayalam  Nethili, Kozhuva


Crab Crab
 Hindi Kekda, Kurlya
Tamil Nandu
Malayalam  Nandu, Njandu


Cod  Cod
 Hindi Gobro


Cat Fish Cat Fish
 Hindi Sangot


Butter Fish Butter Fish
 Hindi Paplet
Tamil  Viral Meen
Malayalam Nachara


Barracuda Barracuda
 Hindi Jaban Tal
Tamil  Sheela,Ooli meen,Pilinjan,Cheela,Goli,Gola,Oozha
Malayalam Neduva, koduva, Cheela,Thiruthakka-dian,Sheelavu,Thinda


Pomfret Pomfret
 Hindi Paplet
Tamil  Vavval
Malayalam Aavoli


Ribbon Fish Ribbon Fish
 Hindi Bale
Tamil Vaalai
Malayalam Vaala


Emperor Fish Emperor Fish
Tamil  Vilai meen
Malayalam Valiya Vilmeen, Kurali


Whiting / Lady fish Lady FIsh
Malayalam  Poozhan, Noongal, Cudeerah

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